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Our summary of 2018, a very special year

Our summary of 2018, a very special year

This year 2018 has been very special for ABN, we have managed to meet many of the objectives set, without renouncing our value proposition, based on innovation and treating our customers and collaborators as allies, always trying to satisfy their needs.
That is why we want to share with you a brief summary of everything we have achieved during this year:

– Our systems have been present in more than 20 countries,

– We have managed to start our journey in countries as Cuba, England, Russia and Israel. A breakthrough in the group’s internationalization strategy.

– Our systems have been chosen for emblematic works of great importance such as hospitals, hotels and shopping centers both nationally and internationally. In addition, some of these works have required some customization and complexity for our systems, which we have successfully overcome.

– Our presence in the most important national and international fairs in the sector such as Aquatherm Moscow, Mostra Convegno Milan or The Big5 in Dubai, among others, have been a pleasant experience for the group, thus being able to strengthen our international image and share the advances developed for our systems.

– Our social and environmental commitment has gone a step further as part of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact as a Signatory Partner, the largest corporate sustainability initiative; the Pact for a Circular Economy promoted by the Government of Spain and the Operation Clean Sweep movement, promoted by ANAIP.

Last but not least, this year, our Production Plant is celebrating its 10th Anniversary since production began.


We do not stay here, and from today we have the goal of improving ourselves in 2019.

Happy Holidays!