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International expansion of SMEs in the Community of Castilla y León
“Achieving a more competitive business fabric”.

Attendance at international trade fairs is a fundamental part of the company’s internationalisation strategy.

For 2023, participation in the international ISH trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, from 13 to 17 March 2023, has been selected.

We attended the fair in Hall 5.1 with a 54 m2 stand where we exhibited our production capacity under the ABN brand and “Made in Spain”.

This is one of the most important events in the international heating and air conditioning sector, with which we intend to:

  • To publicise ABN as a Spanish manufacturer of piping systems, fittings and thermoplastic compounds.
  • To show our production capacity as OEM manufacturer, i.e. manufacturer of final products for other producers so that we can complete their product range with larger diameters, as we can manufacture up to 500 mm diameter.
  • Search for distributors in other countries such as Turkey, Algeria, Dubai, with the aim of offering a better service and having stock of the brand, which provides us with greater immediacy of service at destination

Main sectors

Building, civil engineering and industry.

Specific objectives

  • Search for other international manufacturers interested in expanding their product range with new ecological and sustainable solutions.
  • Search for other international manufacturers who require innovative raw materials in their manufacturing process.
  • Search for international distributors in our target markets in order to have stock of ABN’s main products and accessories, which gives us a competitive advantage in terms of destination and speed in the management of orders.
  • To give visibility to the ABN brand as a Spanish manufacturer of piping systems and thermoplastic compounds.

Expected results:

  • To promote our company as a Spanish manufacturer of piping systems and thermoplastic compounds.
  • Search for international partners to establish OEM agreements
  • to make our products known on the international market as environmentally friendly and sustainable products
  • Giving visibility to the ABN brand and our commitment to the circular economy
  • International distributor search
  • Integration with all the functionalities of the company’s management systems.