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Downloads and tools

Discover in Pipe Cloud exclusive tools and technical content that will help you simplify your work and optimise your time in sustainable construction projects.

ABN Configurator

The ABN product configurator makes it easy for you to choose the most suitable system according to the type of installation you want to carry out.

In just 2 simple steps you will obtain the ABN system that best suits your project.


  • Select the type of construction
  • Select the type of installation
  • Get your recommended product and alternative product

BIM World

In ABN we have a complete BIM library of piping systems for both pressure and evacuation ranges. We offer, in addition, the implementation and management of BIM projects, collaborating on any issue related to our BIM library, either on the scope and functionality of the elements that compose it, as well as in the BIM project phase.

Smart Collector is an intelligent and automated family for manifold design, designed by our BIM department. Its purpose is to optimise the user’s time when designing a collector, and it can be implemented in projects under the BIM methodology. This is a very useful and visual tool for presenting a final 3D design to the client.

Price bank

The Price Generator is the most direct way to arrive at the real cost of your project, as it allows you to obtain construction costs adjusted to the market. In addition, it facilitates the preparation of quality documentation useful for the different phases of the building’s life cycle (preliminary studies, pre-project, basic and execution project, construction management and execution, use and maintenance, deconstruction and final recycling). Check out our products at Cype.

ABN’s decomposed prices will allow you to generate project budgets or carry out studies and offers with the highest degree of reliability from the manufacturer’s point of view. ABN’s decomposed prices allow you to associate the breakdown of measurements, files and data that define any building or civil works project.

Calculation tools

With the online loss calculator you can easily check the pressure loss data produced by the friction of the fluid against the pipe walls during the pipe flow.

With the expansion calculator we help you to calculate, in a simple and practical way, the longitudinal expansion due to thermal variations in the design of an overhead pipeline.

With chemical resistance tool provides support in finding the most suitable material when it comes to the transport of aggressive fluids. These are general indications of the chemical resistance of the various non-pressurised materials.