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In ABN we have a complete BIM library of piping systems for both pressure and evacuation ranges.

We also offer implementation and management of BIM projects, collaborating on any issue related to our BIM library, either on the scope and functionality of the elements that compose it, or in the BIM project phase, as we are involved in the development of MEP projects for both civil and industrial engineering.

Benefits of the ABN BIM library

  • Enhanced Models: Integration of smart features, various product sizes and variations in a single BIM model.
  • The generated pipe typology contains all the necessary information on its properties, coding, as well as all the fittings and pipe joints.
  • Installation-specific piping systems, saving modeling time.
  • Incorporates complex models: boiler rooms, bathrooms, sprinkler screens, etc.
  • Library in constant development and updating.
  • Automatic routing defined:
  • Automatic generation of the connection points between two or several segments that are part of the installation system
  • When loading or copying any of our families into a project, all of these “pipe joining” families will be automatically imported into it.

Planning tables

ABN BIM library includes planning tables to carry out:

  • Enhanced models: integration of intelligent functions, various sizes and variations of
  • Measurements
  • Budgets
  • Carbon footprint parameter calculations and sustainability certifications
  • Calculation of facility overloads, for possible structural calculations, or support structures
  • Calculation of the number of clamps as well as the installation distance between them, for the support of the pipes
  • Automated verification of the minimum compliance with slopes in drainage pipes


This application has a dual functionality:

  • Realisation of the in-situ design of a facility, just like a lego design, without the need for other software, with a mobile device or tablet, all the elements that make up an installation, whether it is a boiler room, bathroom… All this is achieved thanks to the fact that the database contains the ABN BIM library. The application generates a measurement and a budget of what has been designed.
  • AR viewer. All BIM projects, created in any BIM software, can be visualised in real scale by simply converting them to “.fbx” format (for which there are many free plugins available). This way, office work is brought closer to site work, avoiding errors and making the work more efficient for all departments involved.


This is a new in-house development of ABN, an intelligent and automated family for collector design called Smart Collector. The purpose of this is to optimise the user’s time when designing a collector, which can then be implemented in projects under the BIM methodology, checking that it adapts to the design and avoiding future interferences. It is also a very useful and visual tool for presenting a final 3D design to the client.

Inside the download folder, you will find a user manual for ease of use.