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ABN at the ISH international fair in Frankfurt

ABN at the ISH international fair in Frankfurt

We have participated in a new edition of ISH, one of the most prestigious international fairs in the sector, held from 11 to 15 March in Frankfurt, Germany.
We have had the opportunity to present all the innovations in pipeline systems, such as the flange connection system for large diameters ABN // Conect Flange, which represents savings of up to 80% in installation times, as well as cost savings and simplicity in their union process.

Our star systems were also present, such as the CT Faser RD family for hydraulic pipes with pressure and temperature; and the soundproof system for evacuation ABN // Evac Energy Plus; both with classification of fire reaction B-s1, d0 and halogen-free, ideal solutions for sustainable construction projects.

ABN // Welding Elecpipe, the welding system for diameters between 75 and 125 mm has flown to arouse the interest of the public, in this case, ABN presented the new version of its connector improving the welding and its anchoring system .

However, the most important novelty in this edition of the fair was the presentation of the new ABN Digital service, which offers digital solutions for installations and which aims to revolutionize the sector through the streamlining of the most daily processes.

Three applications have been presented:

ABN // Digital Support, tool for remote technical assistance,

ABN // Product List, software designed specifically for the realization of measurements and the list of components of the facilities,

– and, ABN // Virtual Instal, our tool to visualize in augmented reality or virtual installations without the need of any license of BIM programs.

ABN continues working to facilitate the daily work of all the actors involved in the facilities, offering sustainable solutions with more benefits.

Finally, ABN thanks the entire ISH Frankfurt team for the magnificent organization of the event, and we are sure that we will see each other again in Frankfurt 2021.