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The future is in Recycled Water

The future is in Recycled Water

Reclaimed water is the result of the process of converting wastewater into reusable for other purposes. These waters are rich in carbon and nutrients and, if collected and treated properly, could provide water for consumption, for irrigation and for energy production.
The benefits of water recycling are:

Own and local supply of drinking water

Energy savings from reduced transport

Less waste in our ecosystem

There is no longer a good reason to waste any type of water. Collecting and exploiting wastewater is technically feasible and financially justifiable. If properly managed, the water that we have already used ceases to be an environmental risk and becomes a source of energy, nutrients and other affordable and sustainable recoverable materials.

Even so, more than 80% of wastewater still flows into natural ecosystems, contaminating the environment and carrying valuable nutrients and other irrecoverable materials.

From ABN we want to help those who venture into the world of recycled water having at their service the necessary channeling systems, in this way, we have designed the new ABN // INSTAL CT FASER RD RECYCLING, a pipe system in PPR CT RP designed for the use of recycled water and reclaimed water with several differentiating characteristics such as resistance to disinfection processes and the B-s1, d0 rating in reaction against fire.