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What is the PP – RCT?

What is the PP - RCT?

The polypropylene emissions of random copolymer type, known as PPR or PP-R (random polypropylene) behaviors, offer an endless number, these polymers have evolved to even more complete variations such as the PP-RCT.

“PP-RCT (Polypropylene – Resistance to the temperature of the crystalline structure at random)”


The definition of PP-RCT by ISO15874-1: PP-RCT includes randomly-acting thermoplastic copolymers containing no more than 50% other olefinic monomer (s), or any other functional functional group thereof. Olefinic group, copolymerized with propylene.


What are the main advantages of PPR-CT systems over a traditional PPR system?


1- Lower wall thickness


  • 2- Higher flow rate for the same diameter than a conventional PPR. 

    3- Greater resistance to high temperatures and greater resistance to pressure


4- Less weight due to the fact that the thickness of the wall was reduced in the PPR-CT pipes


ABN Pipe Systems uses the PPR-CT in its main pipeline family ABN // INSTAL CT FASER RD, intended for all types of hydraulic networks under pressure, air conditioning, fire protection and recycled water.


Discover here the CT FASER RD systems: https://www.abnpipesystems.com/en/productos-abn/