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This has been our 2021

This has been our 2021

We are saying goodbye to the last hours of 2021 and, taking advantage of the end of the year, we want to recall some of the most important moments for ABN in these twelve months. Without a doubt, 2021 has been an intense year, full of changes and uncertainty. But it has also been full of enthusiasm, strength and new projects. The light at the end of the tunnel is already beginning to be seen in a year marked by economic recovery.
After months of significant increases and a shortage of raw materials in most of the productive sectors, at ABN we will close this year with very positive results, increasing our turnover and our economic results. And that is why we want to share with you this good news, which is due to the work of our team and –of course– to the trust that clients, collaborators and suppliers have placed in our company.


Path to sustainability

At ABN we are clear about where we want to go. That is why the commitment to sustainable development continues to set the path of our business strategy. At the company we are firmly committed to the sustainable manufacture of all our product ranges. Our pipes and fittings are already under the umbrella of important environmental labels such as Cradle to Cradle (C2C) and the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

In addition, our commitment to a clean, green and lasting future has also earned us the EcoVadis Gold rating this year. This prestigious seal certifies our environmental performance in different areas, with the firm conviction that we will continue to advance in more sustainable practices from our production center in Medina del Campo. Because the year may end, but from ABN we will continue to ensure a positive impact both on the environment in which we operate and on the environment.


Ambitious product development and innovation strategy

Sustainability is one of our main pillars, but our business strategy does not leave innovation behind either. In these months of intense work by our design and production team, we have managed to carry out interesting innovation projects that allow the continuous development of more efficient and competitive products and services.

And it is that in ABN we have an innovative spirit. Our motto says that we are #Sustainableinnovation and this is demonstrated by the launch of some of our latest products, such as the CT FLEX piping system (unique in the market) or the new generation of accessories for the Energy Plus soundproof evacuation system.


Back to the face-to-face fairs

This year the pandemic has given us small moments of respite, allowing us to participate in person at the Madrid Air Conditioning and Refrigeration fair last November. This long-awaited meeting, an international benchmark in our sector, became the perfect occasion to exchange impressions and reconnect with our public, with an assessment that has been very positive for us.

In short, 2021 has been an intense and challenging year, but at ABN we already have our sights set on the next twelve months to continue offering our clients the most sustainable and innovative solutions on the market. One more year, we hope to continue working together for the protection of the environment.

And, after this brief review, we do not want to say goodbye without wishing you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. We hope that you can enjoy these dates in the company of your loved ones and that 2022 comes loaded with new projects.