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ABN obtains the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) of two of its main ranges

ABN obtains the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) of two of its main ranges
  • ABN has obtained the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for two of its main product families: the Energy Plus evacuation range and the CT Faser RD pressure range, both made of polypropylene


  • ABN is the first manufacturer in the world to obtain an EPD that covers most of the products it sells, In total more than 9 brands have been certified


  • The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a hallmark of commitment to our environmental impact


The activity of measuring, knowing, analyzing and minimizing the environmental impact of ABN began in 2015 with the implementation of ISO 14001- Environmental Management System Certification-, making a qualitative leap in this year by obtaining the Environmental Declarations (EPD) of its main products: the Energy Plus evacuation family and the CT Faser RD pressure family, both made of polypropylene.

Both the EPD and the life cycle analysis (LCA) of these products have been carried out taking into account all phases: from the supply of materials, through manufacturing, to the supply to the customer. This EPD contains a detailed analysis of all multi-layer polypropylene systems for pressure and non-pressure applications, as well as various ranges of accessories designed for joining. In total more than 9 commercial brands have been certified.

ABN is the first manufacturer worldwide to get an EPD that covers most of the products it sells.

The EPD is a certified Environmental Product Declaration that provides data on the environmental life cycle of a product or service, in accordance with the international standard UNE EN ISO 14025. The EPD is verified by EPD International® – Environdec -, and constitutes itself ABN’s permanent commitment to its environment and continuous improvement.


The EPN of Abn provides a high added value for its products, since it allows access to buildings of sustainable management and environmentally certified as LEED and BREEAM certifications, among others.

Given the permanent environmental commitment of ABN, the company is currently immersed in the CradleTo Cradle certification (c2c), a seal that will continue adding environmentally and socially to its sustainable products solutions.

The following are the actions that the company has carried out in recent years within the strategies related to Circular Economy in the plastic sector:

– Certification of the Production Plant with an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001). This certification gave the keys to initially know and subsequently minimize its environmental impact.

– United Nations Global Compact: Through this accession, ABN consistently manifests its commitment to sustainable development objectives (SDG), such as responsible production and consumption, clean water / sanitation, innovation, etc.

– Pact for a Circular Economy: At the national level this accession pact implies the sending and follow-up of four indicators chosen by ABN, whose results with respect to 2017 are shown below:

  • the placing on the market of reprocessed plastic (+ 45%),
  • promote the execution of EPD (carried out for 9 of its main products),
  • reduce the consumed kw per manufactured Tm (-6.3%),
  • reduce the consumption of packaging wood (-13%).

– Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), Residuo Zero, etc: ABN has adhered to different initiatives related to the minimization of waste in the form of pellets. To this end, special measures have been established for the retention of plastic material in the form of pellets or pellets in refrigeration, analysis, evacuation or loading systems.