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ABN at The Big 5 Dubai

ABN at The Big 5 Dubai

ABN Pipe Systems has been present at the prestigious international fair The Big 5 in Dubai, held from November 26 to 29 at the Dubai World Trade Center.
The fair brought together the international experience of construction in one place for four days, with extensive public participation.

In addition to having its own stand where we received many interested in knowing our products, ABN Pipe Systems was selected to participate in the so-called “Live Innovation Zone”, a space designed to present the most innovative ideas in the sector. In this space, ABN pipe Systems had the opportunity to present two of its most innovative products such as ABN // INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE, new piping system for hydraulic pipes with pressure for fire networks and ABN // EVAC ENERGY PLUS system of soundproof evacuation with classification of reaction to fire B-s1-d0.

ABN would like to thank all the Big 5 team for the magnificent organization of the event.