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ABN polypropylene and polyethylene pipes at the Sanitop Forum 2019

ABN polypropylene and polyethylene pipes at the Sanitop Forum 2019

ABN Pipe Systems has been present at the prestigious Portuguese fair Forum Sanitop 19, held on October 18 in Sintra, Quinta das Cruzadas, Portugal.
The fair brought together the Portuguese experience of construction in one place with a wide audience participation.

ABN Pipe Systems had its own stand where we received many interested in knowing our most innovative products such as ABN // INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE, a new three-layer polypropylene pipe system for hydraulic lines with pressure for fire networks. ABN // EVAC ENERGY PLUS soundproof evacuation system with fire reaction classification B-s1-d0 made of polyethylene.

tubo polipropileno ppr sanitop

Finally, ABN thanks the entire Sanitop team for the magnificent organization of the event.

«At ABN Pipe Systems we are leaders in the development of thermoplastic compounds and PPR polypropylene and PE polyethylene pipe systems designed for a circular economy and we have a wide range of polypropylene solutions in polyethylene for building, civil works and industry. Discover our products by clicking on: ABN Systems.

If you are not sure what type of system you need for your project, on our website we have a product configurator that in just two clicks recommends the best solution. ABN configurator

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