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Success in our participation in Mostra Convegno Milan

Success in our participation in Mostra Convegno Milan

We have introduced our high performance sustainable solutions.41st edition of Mostra Convegno, the world’s leading biennial exhibition for residential and industrial installations, air-conditioning and renewable energies, was the perfect event to introduce our most recent innovations.
Among this solutions, the highlights were our B-s1, d0 and halogen free systems for drainage ABN// EVAC ENERGY PLUS, ABN// INSTAL CT FASER RD for hydro-sanitary applications, ABN// INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE for fire protection networks and ABN// INSTAL CT FASER RD RECYCLED for water recycling.

Also, we have presented a new solution for flange connection called ABN// CONECT FLANGE, that provides time and cost savings in the installation and that has had a great acceptance among all the assistants to the exhibition.

The stand, of 70 m2, has shown all our solutions both in building and civil works.

From Abn Managing Direction we want to specially thank all the people who visited us during this event.