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5 innovative products that ABN will present at Mostra Convegno 2022

5 innovative products that ABN will present at Mostra Convegno 2022

The Mostra Convegno is the most prestigious event for companies in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. It is an unmissable event to exchange business visions and present novelties among those who produce, design, install and manufacture. All the advances in systems for the sustainable building in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors will be there. For this reason, after the pandemic, it is time to meet again the building contractors to be able to exchange views with exhibitors and visitors.
This year, we will be present at the fair, which takes place from June 28 to July 1 in Milan. This is a unique opportunity to obtain knowledge about the specialized market in the construction sector, both in Spain and in other countries, as well as to show our main innovations. We can highlight the following:

New fittings

These new mixed accessories for plastic pipes are a great step to forget about the obsolete metal fittings. In the past, lead and zinc were two of the main raw materials with which pipes and their accessories were made. However, the sector and technology have evolved towards more efficient and sustainable solutions without harming the planet.

Although plastic pipes have long been leaders in the manufacture of pipes, the accessories that complemented them used to still have some percentage of metal. That situation can now be left behind thanks to these new accessories manufactured entirely without metal components.

Flexible PPR pipes

This pioneering flexible pipe will be one of the great protagonists at the ABN booth. A product that is the result of the company’s effort and investment in R+D, which has managed to create the first halogen-free flexible polypropylene pipe. It is an elastic and multilayer compound that can be used both for cold water distribution networks and for heating and air conditioning networks.

This product is at the forefront of its sector, in fact, it has been recognized in the latest edition of the International Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition in Madrid as an innovative product in the prestigious innovation gallery.

The benefits of this pipe do not end with its innovative character, but rather it is easy to handle and install, it has low thermal conductivity, and it is economical and efficient. A breakthrough in the field of flexible pipes.

Multi-connection weld-in-saddle

The multi-connection graft is another innovation that ABN will show at the Mostra Convegno. It is used in large diameters and reduces the number of welds and accessories required in its installation. It is truly versatile and multifunctional, since it consists of a single piece that can be used in various formats, which is why it replaces most grafts existing on the market.

It is also allowing direct connection with the pipe, valves, threaded accessories or flange holders. In addition, it does not require special tools for its installation, thus saving space, but always guaranteeing very safe joints and protected from torsion stress.

Polypropylene is the material from which it is made, making it an ecological and recyclable product, free of halogens and resistant to disinfection processes.

Muti-connection system

The multi-connection system is a new paradigm of pipe connectors that allows easy and fast connection of polypropylene pipes. This method represents a step beyond the advantages offered by previous joining systems: its speed of installation represents cost-saving, and the simplicity of its application grants free and universal access to its use.

Other innovations

In addition to developing our own products in the plastic piping industry, at ABN we also innovate with compounds that can be of benefit to other industries. For this reason, sectors such as the automotive, container or packaging will find important innovations at the ABN booth, especially in products such as thermoplastic compounds, masterbatch and additives.

ABN has always been characterized by its innovative and avant-garde profile that seeks to improve every day. In addition, to do our bit to change a construction sector as polluting as the current one, we are committed to recyclable and ecological polypropylene pipes and the latest technology in all types of networks, which are as efficient as possible and minimize negative externalities of the human being. For all these reasons, today we have presented the novelties of our catalogue, which we will present in the international market at the Mostra Convegno.