Discover eco-plumbing

Join the movement for sustainable plumbing! Discover how green plumbing addresses the vital link between water efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Interview with Marina Losada, head of ABN’s Technical Department

On this Women’s Day we present Marina Losada, head of our technical department, in an interview in which she highlights her career and her figure as a woman in a historically male sector.

Polypropylene pipes for urban drainage and sewage networks

The use of polypropylene pipes in urban drainage and sanitation networks ensures urban well-being and environmental sustainability.

Efficient management of water supply networks: reducing losses, ensuring sustainabilit

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Interview with Patricia Aymà, CTO of VEnvirotech

Discover the story of Patricia Aymà, CTO of VEnvirotech, in an interview about her position as a pioneer in entrepreneurship in the field of waste to bioplastics transformation.

3 trends that will define the construction sector in 2024

Explore the 3 main trends in construction 2024: Technological innovation, humanisation of buildings and environmental sustainability.

Polypropylene Random PPR: the advanced solution for efficient piping systems

Discover how PPR is revolutionising plumbing with its durability, efficiency and sustainability. Explore the benefits and applications of polypropylene in our comprehensive guide.

Interview with María Rigueira, Technical and Quality Manager at PLASTIFER

Meet María Rigueira, Technical and Quality Manager at PLASTIFER, in an interview about the scarce presence of women in the STEM industry and her experience defying stereotypes.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Sector

Are you ready for change? Discover how Artificial Intelligence is transforming construction, optimising processes and providing security.