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The first flexible ppr on the market: ABN // INSTAL CT FLEX RD

The first flexible ppr on the market: ABN // INSTAL CT FLEX RD

Modern technology facilitates the construction processes, from the creation of products or materials to the maintenance of the work. For this reason, innovation in our sector has become essential for us since, on the one hand, it helps us to improve the development of projects and, on the other, it is a great ally if we talk about environmental responsibility. Last week we told you about our innovative welding system, awarded by Specialist Awards. Well, this time, we tackle a new product, unique in the market: the first flexible pipe made of multilayer PPR CT RP polypropylene plus elastic compound.

Innovation to add value

After months of joint work by the R & D & I and production teams of our Thermoplastic Materials Production Plant and thanks to our experience in the sector of the installation of piping systems, we have launched a new piping system on the market that It is characterized by its flexibility, under the trade name ABN // INSTAL CT FLEX RD. These pipes, thanks to their elasticity modifying compound, turn out to be the most flexible on the market, and therefore easier to handle. In addition, they give the possibility of cold bending.

Differentiating features

  • The highest flexibility. Thanks to the incorporation, in its intermediate layer, of an elasticity modifying compound, handling on site is very simple. Like the rest of thermoplastics, the pipe should never be bent excessively to avoid extreme elongation of the external generatrix of the curve.
  • Small bend radiusCompared to other materials such as PEX used in the same type of installations, for the same diameter, the radius of curvature required is almost double in diameter 25 mm and much higher in diameters greater than 50 mm. This facilitates its handling on site and in confined spaces.
  • Socket welding, without mechanical joints. Unlike PEX pipes, polypropylene has a thermofusion joint, which reduces the possibility of water leaks over time. This has allowed us to create a 360º solution in PPR.
  • Shape memory. This solution has a shape memory, so it can be curved back to its original shape.
  • Low thermal expansion (<0,06 mm/mºC). Pipeline systems in plastic materials have low thermal expansion due to changes in fluid temperature.

These features make this ppr pipe have considerable benefis over the rest. Obviously, it is much easier to handle and install, but it also offers us greater resistance to temperature and pressure, low thermal conductivity, greater resistance to corrosion, and also requires fewer joints and welds. On the other hand, it is a system that can be supplied in coils, which facilitates its transport. And finally, it is more economical and efficient than a conventional one.

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Sustainable product

In addition to current regulations, ABN // INSTAL CT FLEX RD ppr pipes have the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification. The EPD is a certified Product Environmental Declaration that provides data on the product’s environmental life cycle, in accordance with the international standard UNE EN ISO 14025. And it is also a Cradle to Cradle ABN certified product.

Once again, from ABN we strengthen our commitment to the planet. With this product, launched in June 2021, we innovate again from a perspective of respect for the environment, based on our values ​​and our DNA. Together with all the seals that accompany this product, we make sure that we make the necessary changes to favor the conservation of the environment, measuring sustainability, positively impacting to achieve a change, minimizing risks and being a benchmark in the development of compounds thermoplastics.