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Pre-insulated piping systems

Designing and manufacturing innovative systems that provide added value, guaranteeing a sustainable future.

Pre-insulated piping systems

Pre-insulated polypropylene pipes are used to transport fluids through a piping system. They are designed with a thermal insulation coating on the outside and a polypropylene or polyethylene inner tube, which gives themexcellent chemical and thermal resistance.

These pipes are used in the distribution of hot and cold water, the transport of corrosive liquids, in air conditioning and district heating systems. The benefits of pre-insulated polypropylene pipes include their durability, their ability to resist high temperatures and pressures, their low maintenance cost and their energy efficiency, as insulation reduces heat losses in the piping system.

ABN Pipe Systems’ pre-insulated pipes contain PUR HFO foam and are composed of polyols of renewable origin from natural and recyclable oils, having a minimal environmental impact.

Main uses

Heating and cooling distribution networks

Cooling systems

High and low temperature installations

Heating systems

Fire fighting

Industrial cooling


Low thermal conductivity

Corrosion resistance

Ecological and recyclable

Reduce energy losses

Suitable for indoor, in-ground and outdoor installation

Pre-insulated pipe family

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