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ABNBIMPIPE experimental development project

ABNBIMPIPE experimental development project

ABN PIPE SYSTEMS develops the ABNBIMPIPE project, co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the program of financial support for R + D + i projects in the field of INDUSTRY CONNECTED 4.0.
The ABNBIMPIPE project: UP-DOWN INTER-COOPERATIVE PLATFORM IN THE DESIGN CHAIN ​​OF INSTALLATIONS WITH PIPELINES (IC4-020000-2016-1) focuses on the development of activities aimed at the digital transformation of the value chain of the electricity sector. construction, incorporating concepts related to the construction information modeling (BIM: Building Information Modeling) and the integration with existing information systems. Said activities will be carried out in the manufacturing facilities that ABN PIPE SYSTEMS has in the town of Medina del Campo (Valladolid).

The general objectives of the project are:

  1. Facilitate the use of ABN PIPE SYSTEMS catalog products by generating BIM objects of this content, creating explanatory showrooms and creating preconfigured examples.
  2. Design, develop and implement a collaborative software platform to manage BIM objects and models, designed to respond to the needs of companies in the value chain in terms of design, marketing, manufacturing, storage, supply , logistics and installation of construction materials.
  3. Design, develop and implement a solution that supports the operational processes of the order-delivery cycle of ABN, that is, the working methodology of the organization, from the moment a request / order is received, until the shipment of the same.
  4. Design, develop and implement a platform of suppliers and customers that facilitates their integration within the ABN Group’s value chain, allowing electronic invoicing and remote order management, as well as interconnection with third-party platforms.
  5. Provide the organization with a set of tools to optimize the logistics and productive part of its business structure and provide greater flexibility and connectivity throughout the organization.