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Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales + Power Platform BI + warehouse automation management system.

Project objectives:

  • Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to manage commercial activity.
  • Implementation of Power Platform with Microsoft Power BI as part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.
  • Updating of the processing and programming platform of the ABN PIPE SYSTEMS warehouse in Medina del Campo.


  • Provide a common data repository and improve data quality.
  • Unify commercial procedures and systematise commercial activity.
  • Monitoring the objectives of the commercial activity.
  • Facilitate access to ERP information through integrations.
  • Improve operational efficiency and management.
  • Provide the base for the subsequent implementation of a marketing automation system.
  • Automate areas that add little value to the organisation.
  • Provide tools that allow the creation of indicators of commercial activity.
  • Improved information management with a real-time system of the warehouse situation.
  • Improved control of quality processes, standardisation and analysis.
  • Improved manufacturing, stock control and warehouse processes.
  • Integration with all the functionalities of the company’s management systems.