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ABN// INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE, new pipe system for fire protection network installations

ABN// INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE, new pipe system for fire protection network installations

Every year around 150 people die in Spain because of fires, mostly due to the inhalation of smoke and toxic gases. Given this problem, it is necessary that the materials used in construction become safer and resistant to fire.
In ABN Pipe Systems we are working on solving this situation, using the most innovative technology in the market. That is why we have developed our new ABN// INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE, which presents a reaction to fire B-s1, d0, the highest classification a thermoplastic can obtain.

This fire protection system suits in any installation of FFS and automatic sprinklers for protecting light and ordinary hazards. Besides, it has the Certificate of Conformity according to R.P. 01.84 of AENOR.

In addition to its high resistance to fire, this tube emits a lower amount of smoke and toxic gases, which significantly reduces the possibility of poisoning during a fire.

The most important differences with this model of pipe are the following:

  • Halogen free
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Antimicrobial inner layer
  • Does not have mechanical joints
  • Reduced installation time, which generates cost savings
  • Lighter than other metal solutions
  • A more versatile mounting system, which allows you to adapt easily and quickly to different changes
  • It can be supplied pre-assembled
  • Reaction to fire according to UNE EN 13501

In the following video we can see an essay that shows the extraordinary reaction to the fire of our pipe system ABN // INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE.