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Social commitment

Since the beginning of our activity in 1988, ABN has strictly followed the Universal Human Rights. ABN supports and respects the protection of internationally recognised fundamental human rights, and there have been no breaches of these rights since the beginning of our operations. For this purpose, ABN has internal mechanisms in place that provide for special protection of human rights in countries where the company has suppliers, such as China and India. For this reason, ABN:

  • We support and respect the protection of fundamental human rights. We have a code of ethics which states that all our employees or the employees of our suppliers have decent working conditions.
  • We ensure that we are not complicit in the violation of fundamental human rights. Our code of ethics makes special mention of our suppliers, where we inform and educate them about our principles.
  • We support the elimination of child labour, identifying such risks by country and supplier.
  • We support the abolition of discriminatory practices in employment and occupation. Our equality policy and code of ethics, where we sensitise our staff to non-discrimination and equality.

Information on responsible sourcing

Current and prospective suppliers are assessed internally on an annual basis for compliance with human rights and environmental protection risks.

As a result of the evaluation in 2021, 2 suppliers located in 2 high-risk countries, namely China and India, were identified.

The responsible procurement policy requires suppliers to respect ABN’s commitments on human rights, health, safety and the environment through the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

We ask all our raw material suppliers for a procurement declaration and seek to ensure a supply chain that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

In respect of our Code of Conduct, ABN Pipe Systems S.L.U. is committed to taking corrective action and ensuring human rights due diligence if any material breaches are identified.

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