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Pre-insulated system manufactured in accordance with UNE EN 253, consisting of PE 100 RC internal pipe, pre-insulated with an intermediate layer of polyurethane foam (PUR) HFO. PE jacket pipe with UV protection for outdoor installations with greater thicknesses for burying.

Main uses

cold water distribution networks
Cooling systems
Data centres
Industrial cooling
Urban cooling

Available ranges

20 mm (int) - 50 mm (ext)
25 mm (int) - 63 mm (ext)
32 mm (int) - 75 mm (ext)
40 mm (int) - 90 mm (ext)
50 mm (int) - 110 mm (ext)
500 mm (int) - 630 mm (ext)
PN 10:
32 mm (int) - 75 mm (ext)
40 mm (int) - 90 mm (ext)
50 mm (int) - 110 mm (ext)
63 mm (int) - 110 mm (ext)
75 mm (int) - 125 mm (ext)
500 mm (int) - 630 mm (ext)

Differentiating features

Corrosion resistance
Ecological and recyclable
Improve energy efficiency
Low thermal conductivity
Manpower savings
Reduces energy losses
Space optimisation
UV protection external layer

Product range

Fittings for pre-insulated systems.