ABN Pipe Systems relies on leading technology at a European level:

State-of-the-art extrusion machines, allowing for the manufacturing of pipes with up to 5 layers and a diameter of up to 500 mm.

Injection machine for the manufacturing of fittings.

Robot automated storage system.

Own R+D+i Lab for the performance of tests and analysis.

The factory has 5 distinct areas following the sequence of the manufacturing process:

  1. 1
    Compound Area

    Area for the formulation and production of raw materials. This division is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery allowing for the performance of any type of formulations. It works with different raw materials, mineral charges and additives, in order to obtain a product that is in tune with our own needs or those of the customer.

  2. 2
    Extrusion Area

    It has three extrusion lines allowing to work with multilayer configurations of diameters up to 500 mm, with materials such as polypropylene o polyethylene with or without reinforcement mineral charges, with a direct connection between the supply system and the material storage silos. The automated control of all this process also allows for the automatic change of the material dimensions, resulting in an effective use of the raw materials. This area is complemented with material extruders for pulling the pipes, three marking machines for identification, a belling machine for the making of the tube cups and an automatic coiler for the flexible tubes.

  3. 3
    Injection Area

    This is an area for the manufacturing of fittings by means of an injection machine, where the mould sets are arranged side by side for the making of the different elbows, couplers and derivations for the sanitation, water disposal and pressure networks families.

  4. 4
    R+D+i Quality Lab

    We have a comprehensive laboratory where new materials and new production techniques are researched, and where solutions are designed to improve the product properties and to facilitate their installation.

  5. 5
    Storage Area

    The robot automated storage system is comprised of three 15-meter-high stacker cranes. It is a smart system because it decides by itself how to optimize its activity. This system is synchronized with the comprehensive management software at the Logistic Department.

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