1. Main Uses

    Gravity domestic waste disposal

    Gravity domestic waste disposal

    Siphonic roof drainage

    Siphonic roof drainage



    Gravity storm water drainage

    Gravity storm water drainage

    Centralized vacuum-cleaning

    Centralized vacuum-cleaning

    Ventilation systems

    Ventilation systems

  2. Application locations





    centros comerciales

    Shopping centers



    Edificios Institucionales

    Institutional buildings

    Office buildings


    Residential buildings

    Penitentiary Centers

    Sports facilities

    Teaching centers


    Industrial buildings

    Cinemas and Theaters

  3. Features

    01 insonorizado


    02 baja emisión de humos

    No toxicity

    04 versátil


    4.Más ligero


    05 menor impacto ambiental

    Lower environmental impact

  4. Benefits

    For developer/ contractor

    • Solution certified by independent organizations that exceeds the requirements of the regulation.
    • Properties and benefits unique in the market that provide greater security to the installation in case of fire.
    • Environmental certifications such as Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Cradle to Cradle (C2C).
    • A solution with guarantee and liability insurance.
    • Eco-designed for a circular economy and sustainable building buildings.

    For technical management

    • Technical support for the project analysis.
    • Solution with product certifications (AENOR) and environmental (EPD / C2C) according to the regulations and requirements of the CTE.
    • Its design gives it unique features in the market that provide greater security to the installation.
    • Available in BIM format.
    • The lowest environmental impact and the best indicator of market efficiency.
    • Eco-designed for a circular economy and sustainable building buildings.

    For installers

    • Technical support for the study and development of the project.
    • Versatility, a solution for different uses and applications.
    • Lightness and great flexibility.
    • Union by elastic joint.
    • It complies with the product regulations and the requirements of the CTE.
    • Great value for the price.

    For distributors

    • Solution with features and unique features in the market.
    • A system for different uses and applications.
    • Manufactured with a wide range of diameters and accessories.
    • Availability and immediate service.
    • Technical / commercial support
  5. Differentiating characteristics

    Clasificación al fuego B-s1,D0

    Reaction to fire B-s1,D0

    Libre de Halógenos

    Halogen free

    03 resistente a altas y bajas temperaturas

    Resistant to high and low temperatures

    04 elevada rigidez anular

    High ring stiffness SN6

    05 protección anti-sísmica

    Seismic protection

    Capa externa de protección UV

    Outer layer with UV protection

    Slide effect

    Ecológico y Reciclable

    Ecological and Recyclable

  6. Product Standards
    • Complies with the Regulations for the product: UNE EN 1451,
    • UNE EN 13501 on reaction to fire,
    • UNE EN 14366 of acoustic test.
    • Eco-designed for a circular economy and sustainable construction buildings.
  7. Approvals
  8. Related Products

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