Piping system for hydraulic lines at pressure. Manufactured in 3 polypropylene PPR CT RP layers, with anti-expansion micro-fibres, antimicrobial protection, resistant to disinfection processes, anti-incrustation protection, ultraviolet UV protection, with reaction to fire classification B-s1, d0, halogen free and 100% recyclable.

20-160 mm
Serie 3,2 (SDR 7,4)
Serie 5 (SDR 11)
Serie 8 (SDR 17)

  1. Main Uses

    1.Aguas recicladas

    Recycled water

    2.Aguas recuperadas

    Reclaimed water

    3.Aguas recuperadas en industria

    Reclaimed water in industry

  2. Application locations





    centros comerciales

    Shopping cernters

    Edificios Institucionales

    Institutional buildings

    Office buildings


    Penitentiary Centers

    Sports facilities

    Teaching centers

    Industrial buildings

  3. Features

    3. Baja Conductividad termica

    Low thermal conductivity

    2. Resistente a la Corrosión

    Corrosion resistance



    4.Más ligero




  4. Benefits

    For promoters and builders

    • Solution certified by independent organizations that exceeds the requirements of the regulation.
    • Properties and features unique in the market that provide greater safety and durability of the installation.
    • A solution with guarantee and liability insurance.
    • Eco-designed for a circular economy and sustainable building buildings.

    For technical management

    • Technical project support.
    • Solution with product (AENOR) and environmental (EPD and C2C) certifications according to the Regulations and requirements of the CTE and the RIPCI.
    • Its design has unique features on the market that provide greater durability of the installation.
    • Available in BIM format.
    • With a lower environmental impact.
    • Eco-designed for a circular economy and sustainable building buildings.

    For installers

    • Technical support for the study and development of the project.
    • Lightness and great flexibility.
    • Fastest and safest joining techniques
    • It complies with the product regulations and the requirements of the CTE and the RITE.
    • Excellent quality / price ratio

    For distributors

    • Solution with features and unique features in the market.
    • A specific system for recycled and recovered waters.
    • Manufactured in different series with a wide range of diameters and accessories.
    • Patented joining techniques.
    • Availability and immediate service.
  5. Differentiating characteristics

    Clasificación al fuego B-s1,D0

    Reactio to fire B-s1,D0

    Libre de Halógenos

    Halogen free

    Resistencia a los procesos de desinfección

    Resistance to disinfection processes

    Protección Antimicrobiana

    Antimicrobial protection

    Micro-fribras Anti-dilatación


    Capa externa de protección UV

    UV resitance

    Slide effect

    Ecológico y Reciclable

    Ecological and recyclable

  6. Product Standards
    • Complies with the regulations for the product: UNE EN 15874, DIN 8077 and 8078, RP 01.00, RP 01.78.
    • UNE EN 13501 of reaction to fire.
    • RD 140/2003 on water for human consumption and the Regulation of Prevention and Control of Legionella.
    • UNE EN 100030-2017 and RD 865/2003.
  7. Approvals

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