The multi-purpose solution

  1. Main Uses

    The only system that saves up to 75% in installation times

    ABN//WELDING ELECPIPE is a new built-in-pipe electrofusion joint.

    The main difference in the ABN// WELDING ELECPIPE system is that the copper coil is built into the pipe instead of into the fitting, like it happens in conventional electro-fusion welding.

    Additionally, this technique includes a bracket with clamps to ensure that the pipe and the fitting remain in place during fusion, thus avoiding the typical issues found in conventional welding.

  2. Differentiating features

    Cost-effective advantages

    • Reduces installation times by 75%
    • Does not require skilled labour
    • Support a wide range of fittings
    • Method-specific devices and tools
    • Efficient and sustainable solution

    Technical advantages

    • Pre-installation assembly
    • Simplified joint connection process
    • Joint reliability and safety across all elements involved
    • Allows the joint connection of pipes and fittings of different series / SDR
    • Does not reduce the size of the section

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