ABN Pipe Systems relies on leading technology at a European level:

  • State-of-the-art extrusion machines, allowing for the manufacturing of pipes with up to 5 layers and a diameter of up to 500 mm.
  • Injection machine for the manufacturing of fittings.
  • Robot automated storage system. 
  • Own R&D Lab for the performance of tests and analysis.

Manufacturing process

The factory has 6 differentiated areas that follow the sequence of the manufacturing process:

Compound area

This area is designated for the formulation and production of the raw materials. This section is equipped with ultimate machines, in order to realize all kind of formulations. We work with different raw materials, mineral loads and additives in order to make our own products or the products of our clients in accordance to the requirements.

Tecnología compound
Tecnología extrusión

Extrusion area

This area has three extrusion lines allowing the production of multilayer until diameter 500mm with polypropylene and polyethylene with mineral charge or without it. This system is connected with the Silos. This automated system allows the automatic change of the dimensions of the material, in order to advantage total the raw material. In addition this area has also, a spread machine for the displacement of the pipes. Tree marking machines for the identification, socket machine for the socket of the pipe and a roll up machine for the flexible pipe.

Injection area

This area is for the injection of the fittings. There are available different moulds for the injection of bends, muff and derivation for sewerage, evacuating water systems and networks of pressure.

Tecnología inyección
Taller de manipulados

Manipulated workshop

The Technical Department defines with the client the characteristics of the product and makes a plan with the dimensions to be validated. This plan becomes a production order and goes to the manipulated workshop for its preparation.


We have a complete laboratory that researches in the search of new materials, new production techniques and in the design of solutions that improve the properties of the products and that facilitate their installation.

Tecnología laboratorio
Tecnología almacén


The warehouse has an automated system with 3 stacker crane of 15 meter working horizontal and vertical. An intelligent systems how optimized its occupation. This systems is synchronized with other storage system and with the logistic department through the software.

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