May 14, 2021

Within our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we have published our code of ethics and responsible practices in order to guarantee that all the agents involved in the company’s value chain are committed to the protection of human and worker rights.

The general principles on which ABN’s code of ethics is based, approved by the company’s Management, have to do with the main agents with whom we operate, such as employees, customers, and suppliers. Our commitments are:

  • compliance with applicable legislation and internal regulations
  • employee relations
  • customer relationship
  • relationships with suppliers
  • child labor

As stated in the group’s values, honesty, integrity and compliance with the law are of vital importance to our company. The application of these principles is a primary objective of the code, always seeking professional, ethical and responsible behavior by ABN in the development of all its activities anywhere in the world, as a basic element of its corporate culture.

All ABN employees and suppliers must comply with current legislation in each of the countries in which they carry out their production, distribution and marketing activities.

In addition to this, there are internal regulations relating to the management of innovation activity and it is mandatory for all permanent, temporary or subcontracted personnel who generate or process information considered as a business secret.

In this way, we make public our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically to SDG 10 to reduce inequalities; and with SDG 16, to help create just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

The code of ethics is available on our website and you can download it here. 

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Innovation and sustainability in your inbox. Subscribe to our blog