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ABN Pipe Systems wins the 1st Madrid Subterra Award

ABN Pipe Systems wins the 1st Madrid Subterra Award
  • The award was presented by Mr. Antonio Gutiérrez Canalejo, President of Madrid Subterra.
  • The prize was handed to Mr. Javier Antonio Vázquez Sánchez, President of the company, who had the opportunity to describe the activity of the company and highlight its work in the fields of investigation, research and development.
  • Madrid Subterra distinguishes the R+D activity of ABN in the study of new thermo-active and inertial systems and in the field of energy recovery in warm waters in construction.

The 1st Madrid Subterra Award honours ABN Pipe Systems for its R+D activity in the study of new thermo-active systems, inertial systems applicable in construction and in agriculture, and also in the energy recovery of warm waters in construction.

The evaluation committee appraised the ABN’s work strategy, with more than 20 projects in other areas that count with endorsements and guarantees like, in many cases, national and European patents.

The values that make ABN distinctive are its research activity and the constant will of innovation. They guided the company to develop raw material production techniques with new characteristics, pipes with higher thermal and mechanical resistance, energy utilisation system based on thermal recovery of residual waters and others. Some of these projects can be applied in recovery and utilisation of underground energy potential.

The “constant innovation” is one of the principles of ABN Pipe Systems, who cooperates with important companies, institutions, technology centres and public organisations to make true its vision: “to be the main benchmark in the development of the most innovative thermoplastic compounds and piping systems.”